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Did You Suffer an Injury or Were You Involved in an Accident? This Information May Help You

Most injury victims or individuals involved in an accident do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with an insurance company, legal team, or other defendant. Fortunately, we are here to provide this information. Whether you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, a workplace injury, or another type of injury caused by someone else’s negligence, we are here to help with these valuable and informative articles.

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  • Back-Up Sensors: More Important Than You Know! Each year, back-over accidents kill hundreds of children in the United States. If you or your child has been injured in an accident, contact Charleston personal injury lawyer Shelly Leeke at 843-277-6061.
  • National Safe Boating Week This week is National Safe Boating Week! The week devoted to boating safety education began on Saturday, May 22 and end this Friday, May 28. And, it couldn't have come sooner for residents of South Carolina. Fifteen people have died this year from boating accidents, which tops last year's total of 11.
  • Third Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Tragic Oil Rig Explosion Eleven men are still missing since the oil rig explosion on April 20. All of these men are presumed dead and their families are now coping with the deaths of their loved ones. As of May 5, three families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Transocean Ltd. for these deaths.
  • Boating Safety a Must The temperatures are rising and people are heading out to the oceans, rivers, and lakes in our communities. Boats are a huge pastime for many Charleston residents. The problem is, the more people on the water, the more calls the Coast Guard receives from boats in distress. In the coming months, boating safety is a must!
  • Attorney Seeks $46 Million For Family in Wrongful Death Case The attorney representing the family of 18-year old Jessica Uhl and 13-year old Kelli Uhl has asked the court to award the family $46 million in their wrongful death lawsuit against the state of Illinois and one of its State Troopers. The sisters were killed on November 23, 2007 in Illinois when they were hit by Illinois State Trooper Matt Mitchell, who was driving his squad car to an accident at 126 miles per hour while talking on his cell phone and texting.
  • "Female" Hormone May Be New Treatment For TBIs Every year 1.5 million people in the United States are treated for a traumatic brain injury. That is one person every 15 seconds! Now doctors and researchers believe they have found a new treatment for TBI in the hormone Progesterone.
  • Fatal Car Accident in Loris South Carolina Wearing your seat belt is one of the most important things you can do to save your life in the event of a car accident. As a matter of fact, 63% of people who are killed in car accidents were not wearing a seat belt. Lisa Norris Causey of Loris, SC is one of the most recent victims of who chose not to wear a seat belt.Causey, who was only 23-year old, died Monday morning after she was ejected from her vehicle during a single car accident.
  • Texting Plays Role in Fatal Car Accident With states approving bills banning texting while driving every week, it is not surprising that South Carolina is following in this trend. South Carolina currently has bills banning texting while driving working their way through both the S.C. House and Senate. Although the bills are gaining momentum, the ban may be coming a little late for some S.C. residents, including Troy Eugene Smith. Smith died on March 5th of this year after his 1998 Ford minivan was struck head-on by a texting driver. The driver admitted to texting in the moments before the accident.
  • Oprah Declares April 30 "No Phone Zone Day" The National Highway Traffic Administration reports that an estimated 6,000 people die each year in accidents caused by distracted driving. And, testing drivers are 20 times more likely to have a car accident than those who are not distracted. Oprah has teamed up with American transportation officials to launch a public service announcement informing Americans of the fatal consequences of distracted driving. Oprah's has officially declared April 30 as "No Phone Zone Day."
  • Mount Pleasant Contemplates Texting While Driving Ban The entire country is debating texting while driving and this includes South Carolina. Just last week, the Mount Pleasant Town Council met to discuss banning texting while driving within the town's limits. The meeting was held on April 13, 2010 and was a place for residents of Mount Pleasant to voice their opinions on the ban. Many people are for the ban, while others believe that it will be hard to enforce and costly to residents. Others believe that the ban will save lives and make the time and effort of banning texting while driving worth it.

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