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Did You Suffer an Injury or Were You Involved in an Accident? This Information May Help You

Most injury victims or individuals involved in an accident do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with an insurance company, legal team, or other defendant. Fortunately, we are here to provide this information. Whether you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, a workplace injury, or another type of injury caused by someone else’s negligence, we are here to help with these valuable and informative articles.

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  • It's Not Just Pit Bulls That Do The Biting! After Al Hammer was attacked by three pit bulls on Mrach 15, 2010, pit bull owners and breeders are speaking out. Breeders, like Kim Simmons, claim that pit bulls only become vicious when they are raised improperly. Furthermore, all dogs have the potential to be dangerous, not just pit bulls. There are state and local laws in place to protect people from being attacked by dangerous animals.
  • South Carolina 2nd in Nation for DUI Fatalities A recent study finds South Carolina the 2nd in the Nation for DUI fatalities. State and local police are gearing up to "crackdown" on drinking and driving by placing check points throughout the state to catch violators.
  • South Carolina Lawmakers Debate Ban On Texting & Driving The House has given key approval for its bill banning texting while driving. If the bill is passed, it will then go to the Senate, where a similar bill is pending. The bill imposes a fine of $25 if someone is caught texting while driving. Some representatives feel this fine is too small, but most have voted the bill for a second reading.
  • New Software Stops Teens From Texting While Driving A new software called CellSafety has been developed by WebSafety to allow parents to monitor their children and stop texting while driving. The software is downloaded on to cell phones and gives parents the ability to monitor their children from anywhere around the world 24/7. One of its best features is its ability to disable cell phone texting systems while someone is driving. The software uses the cell phones GPS technology to disable texting once a car is going 10 miles per hour. The software is sure to put power back in parents' hands and save lives.
  • Two Toddlers Hurt in Car Accidents Two toddlers were injured on Wednesday in accidents involving motor vehciles. In the first, a 79-year old woman accidently drove her car into a Rite Aid, injuring a 17-month old who was in a shppoing cart inside. The second occurred in Downtown Charleston, when a 2-year old was struck by a car when he ran out in the street.
  • Could Facebook and Twitter Make Your Car Insurance Premiums Rise? Shelly Leeke Law Firm offers free reports, book and information for South Carolina accident victims. Call for a free case evaluation today. 843-277-6061. Don't forget to order your free copy of the South Carolina Accident Book today!!!
  • You Can Make A Teen's Prom Dream Come True! The Shelly Leeke Law Firm will be a drop cite for the Cinderella Project. The project was designed to help high school girls who cannot afford prom dresses and accessories to be able to go to their high school dances.
  • FDA Issues Warning for Four Asthma Drugs The FDA issued a warning for the asthma drugs Advair, Symbicort, Foradil, and Severent on Thrusday. All of these drugs have a risk that asthma could worsen suddenly. The risk is uncommon, but potentially life-threatening. The drugs are long-acting beta agonists (LABA) and used to lessen daily asthma symptoms. The side effects can lead to hospitalization and sometime death. Children are extremely vulnerable to the side effects.
  • TV Falls on Man While Exercising A TV fell on Frederick Felson while exercising in his condominium's gym. Felson suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and 31 percent whole body impariment. He sued the condominium for damages and was awared $242,800.
  • National Burn Awareness Week: Feb 7th-13th February 7th-13th is National Burn Awareness Week. Fire and burns cuase 4,000 deaths and injuries, 60,000 people to seek treatment at hospitals, and 25,000 people to be admitted to burn centers each year. By taking steps to burn-proof your home, you can limit or prevent burn injuries to yourself and others.

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