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Causes of Nerve Damage

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Nerves can be thought of as the anatomical wires that carry electrical signals from the brain throughout the human body. Everything your body does, from breathing to sweating, occurs because of an electronic signal sent by the brain through your nerves.

Nerves and the tissue surrounding nerves (think of this tissue like insulation around a wire) can easily be damaged. If you were involved in a car accident in South Carolina, injuries such as broken bones can often cause nerve damage. Traumas like crush injuries can also commonly lead to compression of the nerves, which causes damage.

How does nerve damage occur?

Nerve damage, or peripheral neuropathy, means the signals coming from the brain are disrupted. Nerve damage can occur when nerves are injured by pressure, stretching, or cutting. The most serious cause of nerve damage, when a nerve and the surrounding tissue insulating the nerve are cut, requires surgery because it's unlikely the nerve will heal itself. 

If the nerve damage was caused by pressure or stretching, and whatever caused the pressure or stretching has been removed, generally speaking, this kind of nerve damage has a better chance of recovery.

Nerve damage is an extremely complex area of medical science so if you are filing a South Carolina personal injury claim because of nerve damage it is highly recommended to do so with a qualified Charleston car accident attorney

Seeking the Help of a Charleston Car Accident Attorney

The South Carolina car accident attorney team at the Shelly Leeke Law Firm is available to help accident victims cope with the legal implications of nerve damage. Our firm's focus on personal injury cases includes injury from auto accidents including pedestrian and bicycle injuries, work-related injuries and Workers' Compensation claims, and injuries resulting from dangerous prescription drugs.

Before you file a South Carolina personal injury claim, request a free copy of our South Carolina injury book. When you're ready to get started on settling your accident claim, contact a Charleston car accident attorney for a free information packet and consultation, 1-888-690-0211.

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