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  • Third Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Tragic Oil Rig Explosion Eleven men are still missing since the oil rig explosion on April 20. All of these men are presumed dead and their families are now coping with the deaths of their loved ones. As of May 5, three families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Transocean Ltd. for these deaths.
  • Attorney Seeks $46 Million For Family in Wrongful Death Case The attorney representing the family of 18-year old Jessica Uhl and 13-year old Kelli Uhl has asked the court to award the family $46 million in their wrongful death lawsuit against the state of Illinois and one of its State Troopers. The sisters were killed on November 23, 2007 in Illinois when they were hit by Illinois State Trooper Matt Mitchell, who was driving his squad car to an accident at 126 miles per hour while talking on his cell phone and texting.
  • Texting Plays Role in Fatal Car Accident With states approving bills banning texting while driving every week, it is not surprising that South Carolina is following in this trend. South Carolina currently has bills banning texting while driving working their way through both the S.C. House and Senate. Although the bills are gaining momentum, the ban may be coming a little late for some S.C. residents, including Troy Eugene Smith. Smith died on March 5th of this year after his 1998 Ford minivan was struck head-on by a texting driver. The driver admitted to texting in the moments before the accident.
  • Woman Dead After Rock Thrown Through Windshield Alicia Thomas of Spartanburg, SC died Easter night after she was struck by a rock thrown into her car from an overpass. The rock was thrown by two North Carolina teenagers who have been charged with first-degree murder for her death.
  • Family of Woman Who Died During Radio Contest Gets $16.56 Million In 2007, Jennifer Strange entered a radio contest called "hold your wee for a Wii" hoping she would win a Wii for her children. During the contest, participants consumed water over a brief period of time. If they urinated or vomited, they were disqualified.Strange, a 28-year old mother of 3, was one of two contestants left by two and half hours in. She had consumed about one and half gallons of water. Suffering from a severe headache, nausea, and lightheadedness, Strange quit the contest and told the station's employees that she was not feeling well enough to drive home. Employees told her to sit in the lobby until she felt better and did not contact any medical personnel. Still vomiting, Strange drove herself home. She died six hours later from water intoxication. The jury awarded the Strange family $16.56 million, which included $15.1 million in noneconomic damages, such as loss of consortium. The jury found the radio station 100% liable for Jennifer Strange's death.
  • Man Left to Die in Parking Lot, Family Gets $2.6 Million Verdict Dave Dumencu died after leaving a bar and being knowcked to the ground by the bar's bouncer. Dumencu hit his head on the pavement and later died from injuries. His family sued the bar, the bar's bouncer, and the bar's manager for negligence. They were awarded $2.6 million.

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