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Did You Suffer an Injury or Were You Involved in an Accident? This Information May Help You

Most injury victims or individuals involved in an accident do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with an insurance company, legal team, or other defendant. Fortunately, we are here to provide this information. Whether you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, a workplace injury, or another type of injury caused by someone else’s negligence, we are here to help with these valuable and informative articles.

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  • Why Ambien is a Dangerous Drug Ambien has been found to cause serious side effects; therefore it has been labeled a dangerous drug. The attorneys at the Shelly Leeke Law Firm serve residents of South Carolina and the surrounding communities with their personal injury claims. Contact us today – 1-888-690-0211.
  • National Safe Boating Week This week is National Safe Boating Week! The week devoted to boating safety education began on Saturday, May 22 and end this Friday, May 28. And, it couldn't have come sooner for residents of South Carolina. Fifteen people have died this year from boating accidents, which tops last year's total of 11.
  • You Can Make A Teen's Prom Dream Come True! The Shelly Leeke Law Firm will be a drop cite for the Cinderella Project. The project was designed to help high school girls who cannot afford prom dresses and accessories to be able to go to their high school dances.
  • FDA Issues Warning for Four Asthma Drugs The FDA issued a warning for the asthma drugs Advair, Symbicort, Foradil, and Severent on Thrusday. All of these drugs have a risk that asthma could worsen suddenly. The risk is uncommon, but potentially life-threatening. The drugs are long-acting beta agonists (LABA) and used to lessen daily asthma symptoms. The side effects can lead to hospitalization and sometime death. Children are extremely vulnerable to the side effects.
  • Cars That Forbid Drinking and Driving 500 DUI offenders in Minnesota have volunteered for a pilot program where ignition interlock devices are installed on their cars to stop them from drinking and driving.
  • Woman Killed in Car Crash with Wild Hog Fatal accident involving SUV and a wild hog. The woman was propelled out of her vehicle after striking a wild hog in the roadway. Shelly Leeke Law Firm is a personal injury firm representing accident victims. We offer free books and information to Charleston and South Carolina accident victims. Call 843-277-6061.
  • Friendly Game of Football Turns Heated When Boy is Tackled By a Wild Deer Boy attacked by a deer while retrieving an overthrown football pass. The boy's friend rushes in to beat the deer with a stick until the animal retreats. Shelly Leeke Personal Injury Law Firm. Call for free books and information on South Carolina Auto and Injury Accidents. Call Today, 843-277-6061.

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