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It's Not Just Pit Bulls That Do The Biting!

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Al Hammer claims that three pit bulls attack him on March 15, 2010, while he was out on his daily walk. The attack occurred near the intersection of West Farris Road and Argonne Drive, which is close to Augusta Circle Elementary School. Hammer says that the dogs bit his legs, arms, and hands.

With dog attacks occurring around the country at an alarming number and pit bulls at the center of the controversy, people are developing a fear of the breed. Now pit bull owners and breeders are speaking out. Kim Simmons, a pit bull breeder, believes that pit bulls are not dangerous dogs, but their demeanors depend on the way they were raised. Simmons finds that bad owners cause bad dogs. "They're a lot of irresponsible owners that chain the dogs to the tree...They don't spend any time with them and it causes more problems," Simmons says.

Furthermore, pit bulls are not the only type of dogs that can be dangerous. All dogs can be dangerous or vicious if they are not raised properly. Nowadays, when people hear about a dog attack, they assume the culprit is a pitbull, but any dog, small or large, could attack someone. To be safe, parents should teach their children not to pet a strange dog and to ask an owner before trying to pet their dog. All people should abide by this rule.

Did you know state law requires all "dangerous animals" be registered with local county law enforcement? Owners of "dangerous animals also must restain these animals at all time. The animals are not allowed to run free, even there owner's yards. Most dogs ar enot condiserred "dangerous animals," but some are.

In addition, their are also state and local laws that protect people that are bitten by dogs. These laws outline an owner's and caretaker's responsibilities over their dogs or the dogs they are taking care of.

If you or a loved one are attacked by a dog, it is important that you seek medical treatment and contact a quailified dog bite attorney to make sure your rights are protects. You can contact the Shelly Leeke Law Firm for a FREE Consultation at 843-277-6061.

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