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Seeking Answers for Your Injury or Accident Claim? Look No Further

After an accident occurs or an injury is suffered, you may feel lost and confused. Few people who have suffered an accident or incurred an injury have an extensive background in this area. Without this knowledge, they are left wondering how best to proceed in order to protect their legal rights. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with the answers that you are looking for. Check out our many frequently asked questions and their accompanying answers for more information.

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  • What rights do nursing home residents have?

    The rights of nursing home residents can be found at this fact sheet provided by National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform. http://www.justice4all.org/files/Fact%20Sheet%20on%20Residents%20Rights.pdf

  • What signs should I look for if I suspect nursing home neglect or abuse?

    Listen to your loved one, even if their claims seem outrageous. Also, look for bed sores, malnutrition and dehydration. Many times, neglect plays a large roll in patients who have fallen and injured themselves.

  • What constitutes as “neglect” in a nursing home setting?

    There are many different forms of "neglect" in a nursing home. The most obvious, of course, is physical neglect. It can also occur in neglecting the patient's personal hygiene needs, basic needs, medical needs and even emotional neglect.

  • What are some causes of nursing home neglect and abuse?

    Nursing homes are filled with overworked and underpaid staff, many of whom are unqualified to care for all of the needs of an elderly person. Over time, many of these workers start to care less about the patients and more about themselves. Often, management will allow this behavior to continue so long as the facility is making a profit. This "turning a blind eye" behavior is callous and egregious, but, sadly, is common practice in many of today's nursing homes.

  • What is a Class I recall?

    Class I recalls are the most serious type of recall and involve situations in which there is a reasonable probability that use of these products will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.


  • What are the golf cart laws in South Carolina?

    In South Carolina, golf carts can be driven on secondary roads, but only if the speed limit is not greater than 35 miles per hour. You golf cart laws in South Carolinaare permitted to cross highways and streets that intersect the secondary roads, but it is important to be especially cautious when doing so. In order to legally drive on public roads, golf cart drivers are required to get a permit by providing proof of title and paying a fee of five dollars. Golf cart drivers are required to follows all of the laws of the road that apply to motor vehicles. If a person is driving under the influence while operating a golf cart, they will face the same charges as a driver of a car would. Minors who do not have a license are not permitted to drive on public AND private roads. If a police officer pulls over a child on a golf cart, their parents will receive a $217.50 fine. Although South Carolina does not require golf cart drivers to carry insurance, it is recommended that you get your cart insured in case of an accident.

    If you have been in an accident with a golf cart in South Carolina and the accident was not your fault, contact an experienced personal injury attorney today at 843.277.6061 so that we can help you get your life back to normal. 

  • How common is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

    According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, it is estimated that around 1.4 million people receive traumatichow common is traumatic brain injury brain injuries every year. In regards to children under 14 years of age, traumatic brain injuries are the cause of 435,000 trips to the emergency room, 37,000 hospitalizations, and close to 2,700 deaths every year.

    If you have experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of a South Carolina accident, visit our traumatic brain injury information library for resources and articles. If you would like to speak with a personal injury attorney about your accident claim, call us at 843.277.6061 to set up a free consultation appointment.

  • What happens if I did not call the police after my South Carolina car accident?

    No matter how small your South Carolina accident may be, it is always a good idea to call the police so that your accident is what happens if I did not call police after my accidentdocumented. If you do not call the police, it is very difficult to prove your case, and the insurance company or the person who caused the accident may dispute the facts of the case if there is no documentation of what happened. 

    If you were injured in an accident and you did not call the police, it is still recommended that you seek legal help from a South Carolina auto accident attorney. Shelly Leeke Law Firm offers free case evaluations that can be scheduled by calling 843.277.6061

  • What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Charleston, SC?

    While drivers of both motorcycles and cars face similar situations that cause accidents, motorcyclists are particularly at-risk for accidents caused by distracted or careless drivers. The most common accident that can be devastating for motorcyclists is when a driver turns left in front of the motorcycle. Drivers are not usually looking for motorcycles on the road and tend to "miss" them or underestimate their speed when trying to make a turn. There are also instances where the motorcycle is in the driver's blind spot or there are other things obstructing the driver's clear view of the motorcycle. Lastly, it has been reported that some motorcycle accidents have ocurred as a result of defective motorcycle equipment, which have caused serious injuries to the driver.

    If you were in a Charleston motorcycle accident and need help figuring out what steps to take next, you should consider contacting an experienced Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer. Shelly Leeke has been representing accident victims for nearly a decade and will be able to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call 1-888-690-0211 today in order to set up a free consultation appointment. 

  • Should I hire a Charleston, SC asbestos lawyer?

    If you have been exposed to asbestos and are experiencing health issues, you are entitled to compensation. Manufacturers of Charleston asbestos lawyerasbestos and companies who use asbestos are aware of the dangerous side effects of this product. Therefore, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit against these companies for their negligent actions. By hiring a Charleston, SC asbestos lawyer, you are increasing your chances of gaining compensation through your asbestos lawsuit. Asbestos attorneys have years of experience handling these types of cases and dealing with insurance adjusters, which can be a difficult task considering the goal of insurance companies is to get you the least amount of money possible. If you have been exposed to asbestos and would like to contact a South Carolina asbestos attorney to discuss your case, call 1-888-690-0211 today!

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