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Seeking Answers for Your Injury or Accident Claim? Look No Further

After an accident occurs or an injury is suffered, you may feel lost and confused. Few people who have suffered an accident or incurred an injury have an extensive background in this area. Without this knowledge, they are left wondering how best to proceed in order to protect their legal rights. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with the answers that you are looking for. Check out our many frequently asked questions and their accompanying answers for more information.

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  • What should I do after I file a complaint against a South Carolina nursing home for abuse?

    Once you file a complaint against a South Carolina nursing home, you may be worried about what will happen to your elder who is living in the nursing home. Although the Omnibus Adult Protection Act was put in place to prevent the elder from experiencing further abuse, it is usually recommended that you try to find a different nursing home for them to live in during the time that you are pursuing a nursing home abuse case. In the meantime, your South Carolina nursing home abuse attorney will collect evidence and an investigation will take place in order to file your nursing home abuse claim.

  • What is the Omnibus Adult Protection Act?

    The Omnibus Adult Protection Act was created in order to protect elders living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities against abuse and neglect. The act describes the elements that are prohibited in nursing homes under law. These include physical or psychological abuse, negligence, and exploitation. Physical or psychological abuse can be the most devastating for both the victim and their family. Financial exploitation often occurs in nursing homes that are understaffed or where the staff is under-paid. 

    View our article on the Omnibus Adult Protection Act to find out if the symptoms that your loved one is experiencing in their nursing home is in violation of the act. If you plan to pursue a nursing home abuse case, call 832-277-6061 to set up a free consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer.

  • What is a safe following distance for motorcycles in South Carolina?

    When driving behind a motorcycle in South Carolina, you should keep 

    following distance for motorcycles in South Carolinathe same following distance as you would for a car. It does not hurt to give extra distance for a motorcycle, considering the fact that a rear-end accident for a motorcycle can cause greater damage and injury than it would with a car. Along the same lines, if a motoryclist is driving behind you, you should be very cautious about breakingfollowing distance for motorcycles in South Carolinasuddenly.This action could cause the motorcyclist to hit you and be ejected from his motorcycle, which would result in great bodily injury. By being more aware of motorcycles on the road, you have the potential to prevent a deadly accident from happening. In order to be the best driver or rider that you can be, familiarize yourself with South Carolina motorcycle laws.

    If you have been injured in a South Carolina motorcycle accident, you should contact a South Carolina accident attorney, who will be able to file a claim against the negligent party. The dedicated staff at Shelly Leeke Law Firm has been representing motorcycle accident victims and their families in South Carolina for nearly a decade. Call us now at 1-888-690-0211 to set up a free consultation!

  • Will I have to pay taxes on my worker's compensation benefits in South Carolina?

    No, once you begin receiving worker's compensation benefits, you do not have to pay taxes on those benefits. The reason behind this is that because this is a source of income that you taxes on workers comp

    did not technically earn. If your benefits for some reason become reduced and there has not been a change in your medical condition, then you should contact your South Carolina worker's compensation attorney immediately.

    If you are in need of a worker's compensation attorney after you have been hurt on-the-job in South Carolina, contact Shelly Leeke Law Firm at 888-690-0211 to set up a free, no obligation consultation so that you can get your life back to normal.

  • What information should I get if I am bitten by a dog in South Carolina?

    If you are bitten by a dog in South Carolina, you should, as with any personal injury, seekwhat should I do if I am bitten by a dog immediate medical assistance. However, if possible, you should try to write down all of the contact information of the dog owner, including their name, address, and telephone number. It might also be helpful to find out the name of their insurance company, as well as contact information for any witnesses to the dog bite incident. Also, be sure to take note of exactly where the dog bite occurred. Any and all information that you collect can be helpful for your dog bite case. Your South Carolina dog bite attorney will then be able to evaluate the evidence and help you receive compensation for your injuries.

  • How long does a dog bite case typically take to be resolved?

    Not all dog bite claims are the same and therefore take different amounts of time to be settled. The more severe the injuries are, along with other aspects of the dog bite case, the more likely it will take longer to resolve. It is possible for some dog bite claims to be settled in as little as a few weeks; on the other hand, it could also last more than a year, depending on the circumstances. That is why it is important to contact an attorney immediately so that you can begin your dog bite claim while receiving treatment for your dog bit injuries.

  • What kinds of dogs have a tendency to bite people?

    Although in their minds, most people associate certain dogs with aggressive behaviorcharleston dog bite attorney and biting, but the fact is that all dogs could potentially bite someone. While it is true that some breeds of dogs are more likely to bite, there are situations in which any type of dog would likely bite a person. These instances where a dog might be more likely to bite are when they are startled, provoked, feel threatened, guarding something that they believe to be theirs, protecting their owners, or are in heat. If it appears as those a dog is displaying one of these charasteristics, you should back away from the dog and try not to provoke it in any way.

  • How long does it usually take to resolve a South Carolina dog bite claim?

    There is not a particular set length of time for a dog bite claim to be resolved in South south carolina dog bite attorneyCarolina. The extent of the injuries sustained from a dog bite varies, as does the length of time it will take for the case to be settled. While it is possible for some South Carolina dog bite claims to be settled in a few weeks, the more severe the injury, the longer it will take to be resolved. However, you should not feel discouraged by the thought of filing a claim that could take up to a year to resolve. You deserve justice for your personal injury and the best way to do that is through a South Carolina dog bite claim.

  • I slipped and fell in a store and I have evidence that another customer notified an employee of a spill prior to my fall. Is this relevant to my slip and fall case?

    Yes. It strengthens your slip and fall case if you have proof that the store was aware of the dangerous condition prior to your fall. This means that the store was being negligent in that they failed to clean up or fix the condition, thus endangering customers in the store.

  • Who is responsible for my slip and fall accident?

    Depending on the details of your accident, more than one person could be held responsible for your injuries. The owner, tenant, management, or a combination of parties may be held liable for the slip and fall. An attorney can help you to determine who will be held responsible and take the necessary actions to build your case against them.

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