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Are motorcycles really more dangerous than cars?

As with all vehicles, you are assuming a risk while driving. Research shows that injuries occur in 80% of reported motorcycle crashes. Only 20% of people involved in car wrecks report injuries. It has also been reported that a motorcyclist is 26 times more likely to be injured or killed in an accident that involves a motorcycle and a car. are motorcycles more dangerous than cars

One of the reasons why, statistically, motorcyclists are more dangerous than cars, is because of the size of motorcycles. When checking the roadways for clear traffic, they are easier for other drivers to miss because they are not as big as cars. The typical driver's eyes are trained to look for cars on the road, therefore making them prone to not seeing motorcycles. Also, a motorcycle's small size often fits perfectly in drivers' blind spots.

Another reason why a motorcycle is more dangerous than a car is that driving it is more complex and requires balance, whereas a car is simpler and does not require balance. The fact that a motorcycle has two wheels makes it less stable and more likely to become out of control in an accident than a car with its four wheels.

The last reason why motorcycles can be more dangerous than cars is that they are more vulnerable to dangers in the road, such as potholes, puddles, and debris. The instability of the two wheels can cause a simple swerve to miss an object in the road into a serious accident. 

By using safety measures such as wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, you can greatly decrease the likelihood of being involved in a crash or suffering serious or deadly injuries. If you have been injured in a South Carolina motorcycle accident that was not your fault, consider contacting us today. Set up an appointment with our experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident attorney, Shelly Leeke, today by calling 843.277.6061.
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