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Question from a reader of Legal News: What happens if you had no injuries, but were falsely accused of failing to yield the right of way, when you were parked at the time of impact?

If you were charged with fault for an accident, but you do not agree that you were at fault or think the accident report is incorrect, you should contact the police officer at the police department that investigated the accident. Tell the officer that you would like to file an amended report or provide your statment as to the facts of the accident. If the officer agrees that the report is incorrect, he may file a supplemental police report and correct the error.

You should also contact your insurance company and give them the facts of the accident so that they know that you dispute the police report or the charges against you. They should take your version of events in to account when conducting their investigation in to liability. Typically, an insurance company does not accept liability and pay the damages to another party's vehicle if you were not at fault in the accident.
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