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What are some of the dangers associated with temporary amusement rides and other fair rides and how might it lead to a South Carolina premises liability claim?

There are a number of dangers associated with temporary amusement rides and other fair rides in South Carolina. When there is a defect or flaw in the design or manufacture of the ride, it could result in someone suffering life-threatening or fatal injuries.

If you have sustained severe injuries or if a loved one was fatally injured by a dangerous fair ride, you may be able to file a South Carolina premises liability claim. Not only can the owner and operator of the fair ride be held liable but so can the manufacturer, if it was a result of product liability.

Most of the dangers from fair rides are due to the risk of falling from great heights or from the high speed that can be reached by the rides. When a ride such as a rollercoaster malfunctions, the chance of suffering a severe or fatal injury is extremely high. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the latest report from 2004 indicates that there were a total of 2,500 injuries requiring treatment in an emergency room from fair rides.

Temporary amusement fair rides such as inflatable slides or bounce houses accounted for approximately 4,900 injuries requiring emergency room treatment. This type of fair ride has seen a significant increase in the number of injuries.

In 2004 there were also 5 fatalities from amusement fair rides and 4 fatalities from temporary, inflatable fair rides. 

To understand what your legal rights are and if you have a valid South Carolina premises liability claim, you should speak as soon as possible to a Summerville personal injury lawyer.

Seeking the Help of a Summerville Personal Injury Lawyer

The Summerville personal injury lawyer team at the Shelly Leeke Law Firm is available to help accident victims cope with the legal implications of a serious injury. Our firm's focus on personal injury cases includes injury from auto accidents including pedestrian and bicycle injuries, work-related injuries and Workers' Compensation claims, fair rides, and injuries resulting from dangerous prescription drugs.

Before you file a South Carolina premises liability claim, request a free copy of our South Carolina injury book. When you're ready to get started on settling your premises liability claim, contact a Summerville personal injury lawyer for a free information packet and consultation, 1-888-690-0211.
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