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What are the golf cart laws in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, golf carts can be driven on secondary roads, but only if the speed limit is not greater than 35 miles per hour. You golf cart laws in South Carolinaare permitted to cross highways and streets that intersect the secondary roads, but it is important to be especially cautious when doing so. In order to legally drive on public roads, golf cart drivers are required to get a permit by providing proof of title and paying a fee of five dollars. Golf cart drivers are required to follows all of the laws of the road that apply to motor vehicles. If a person is driving under the influence while operating a golf cart, they will face the same charges as a driver of a car would. Minors who do not have a license are not permitted to drive on public AND private roads. If a police officer pulls over a child on a golf cart, their parents will receive a $217.50 fine. Although South Carolina does not require golf cart drivers to carry insurance, it is recommended that you get your cart insured in case of an accident.

If you have been in an accident with a golf cart in South Carolina and the accident was not your fault, contact an experienced personal injury attorney today at 843.277.6061 so that we can help you get your life back to normal. 

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