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What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Charleston, SC?

While drivers of both motorcycles and cars face similar situations that cause accidents, motorcyclists are particularly at-risk for accidents caused by distracted or careless drivers. The most common accident that can be devastating for motorcyclists is when a driver turns left in front of the motorcycle. Drivers are not usually looking for motorcycles on the road and tend to "miss" them or underestimate their speed when trying to make a turn. There are also instances where the motorcycle is in the driver's blind spot or there are other things obstructing the driver's clear view of the motorcycle. Lastly, it has been reported that some motorcycle accidents have ocurred as a result of defective motorcycle equipment, which have caused serious injuries to the driver.

If you were in a Charleston motorcycle accident and need help figuring out what steps to take next, you should consider contacting an experienced Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer. Shelly Leeke has been representing accident victims for nearly a decade and will be able to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call 1-888-690-0211 today in order to set up a free consultation appointment. 

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