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What do I need to know about insurance industry tactics so I can try to handle my claim on my own?

There are several things you need to know about the tactics auto insurance companies use if you plan to handle your South Carolina personal injury claim on your own.

While insurance adjusters may appear friendly, their top priority is to their employers, the auto insurance companies, so it's only fitting that the tactics and methods they use are to further one goal: helping the auto insurance companies maintain their bottom lines.

With this in mind, your South Carolina personal injury claim may greatly benefit from the help of an experienced Charleston personal injury attorney who understands your rights as well as the tactics the insurance company may employ to reduce or deny your injury claim.

A Charleston personal injury attorney will be prepared to deal with the many tactics insurance adjusters use, including:
  • Being chatty - the first encounter with an insurance adjuster can severely damage your South Carolina personal injury claim. By appearing friendly, an insurance adjuster may get you to inadvertently say something that puts you at fault for your accident or minimizes the extent of your injuries.
  • Delaying your claim - insurance adjusters will purposely do this to wear you down and get you to accept a settlement for less than what you need. Luckily, a Charleston personal injury attorney is able to handle such situations without the frustration you may experience.
  • Disputing your claim/medical treatment - even if you received treatment from your own doctor, insurance adjusters may question whether you really needed the treatment. They'll often ask for unnecessary information, also in an attempt to wear you down and press you to an unfair settlement. 

After a serious accident, you may not be in the frame of mind, much less have the time to deal with auto insurance companies and their tactics. Hiring a Charleston personal injury attorney to handle your South Carolina personal injury claim will allow you to focus on recovery and avoid tedious and frustrating encounters with insurance adjusters.

Seeking the Help of a Charleston Personal Injury Attorney

The South Carolina personal injury attorney team at the Shelly Leeke Law Firm is available to help accident victims cope with the legal implications of a serious injury. Our firm's focus on personal injury cases includes injury from auto accidents including pedestrian and bicycle injuries, work-related injuries and Workers' Compensation claims, and injuries resulting from dangerous prescription drugs.

Before you file a South Carolina personal injury claim, request a free copy of our South Carolina injury book. When you're ready to get started on settling your accident claim, contact a Charleston personal injury attorney for a free information packet and consultation - 1-888-690-0211.

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