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What should I bring when I meet with the attorney about my medical malpractice claim?

Here are some of the recommended items that will assist an attorney in evaluating your case:

  • Medical records – Medical malpractice claims center around the medi-cal care received. It is essential to provide the attorney with all relevant medical records in your possession. Treatment history, results, reports, prognoses, prescriptions, hospital records, etc. will all be useful.
  • Contact information – In addition to basic contact information for your-self, it is recommended that you gather contact information for the doc-tors , hospitals, and any individuals who may be called upon as witnesses or to provide further information.
  • Timeline of services received – Many times, malpractice can occur over time. It is helpful to provide a timeline of all medical treatment and services leading up to and following the medical malpractice. Make a list with the date of symptoms, the actions taken per date, the doctor visits per date, follow-up procedures per date, injuries noticed per date, etc.
  • Medical Bills & Prescription Costs – Provide the attorney with a detailed record of all medical expenses related to your case. Gather medical bills you have received as well as receipts for all prescriptions related to your medical treatment and injury.
  • Other doctor reports – As malpractice involves procedures below the recommended level of care, it is helpful to provide doctor reports that indi-cate injury specifically related to the subpar performance or procedures previously received.
  • Record of injuries - Keep a log of all of your injuries. This may include lost wages, loss of future income, emotional injuries suffered; emotional damage to the rest of your family, inability to enjoy previously enjoyed ac-tivities, dependence on the services of others and more.

Medical malpractice litigation is a lengthy, complex process. Giving as much information about your case to your attorney can help him or her in building your case and attaining the maximum possible compensation you deserve.

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