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What should I do after I have been involved in a bicycle accident?

Immediately after the accident you should call 911 and move out of the roadway to safety. If possible, do not move your bicycle; it is best if the police officer can see the bicycle in the original position it was in after the accident. While you are waiting for the police officer to arrive,south carolina bicycle accident collect information from anyone who may have witnessed the accident. Also, take pictures of the scene of the accident and collect the driver's contact information and the information of any passengers in the vehicle. Do not discuss who was at fault with the driver. Once the officer arrives, file an official accident report and be sure to get a copy of the report as well as the contact information for the police officer. Seek medical assistance immediately if you are injured and make sure to keep all documentation of your injuries. Even if you do not feel as though you are injured, it is recommended that you go to a doctor anyway just in case. You should then contact an attorney about the accident. An experienced South Carolina bicycle accident attorney will be able to determine whether or not you should pursue a lawsuit against the driver.
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