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What types of accidents are covered under workers' compensation in South Carolina?

In order for an employee's injury to be covered under the Workers' Compensation Act, the injury must have occurred while the employee was working within the scope of his or her employment. Scope of employment depends on the amount of control the employer had over the circumstance and when the accident occurred. Usually, if a employee is hurt while working on the job site, their injury will be covered by workers' compensation.

Some injuries that are covered by workers' compensation are:

1) falling from a high place;
2) being injured by the employer's equipment;
3) suffering a back injury from lifting;
4) occupational diseases resulting from exposure to harmful chemicals;
5) and others.

For more helpful information, visit the workers' compensation article library. If you have been injured while on the job, contact South Carolina workers' compensation attorney Shelly Leeke today at 843-277-6061 for a free consultation!
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