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The Dangers of Internal Bleeding after a South Carolina Accident (Part A)

There are various degrees of internal bleeding that can result from a South Carolina accident. It can be as simple as a bruise from a tumble on uneven pavement to life-threatening hemorrhaging of a vital organ from trauma in a car accident. When a severe South Carolina accident caused by someone else leaves you with a serious occurrence of internal bleeding, you may need a Charleston personal injury attorney to help you file a personal injury claim.

A South Carolina Accident Can Cause Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is when trauma causes the rupture of veins and arteries internally, allowing blood to escape your circulatory system and pool inside the body. Most instances of internal bleeding are undetectable just by looking at a patient and often require other symptoms to be noticed.

The most common cause of internal bleeding is blunt trauma. This is common when a South Carolina accident results in impact injuries. Whenever a part of your body strikes a hard object or surface you run the risk of rupturing arteries or organ linings. Repairing these injuries often requires surgery and will accrue additional medical costs for which a Charleston personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation.

Another common type of injury from a South Carolina accident that can cause internal bleeding is when deceleration trauma causes severe stress on organs and soft tissues. The abrupt stopping of motion can cause organs to shift and muscles to strain, which can lead to tears in these soft tissues that allow internal bleeding to occur.

Bone fractures and breaks can also lead to serious internal bleeding. The marrow of your bones is rich in blood and when the bone breaks it can allow this critical blood supply to leak out. Fractured bones also often pierce other soft tissues surrounding the bone, causing severed muscles, ligaments, tendons, and veins to bleed.

No matter the nature of your South Carolina accident, if you suffer internal bleeding you will need immediate medical treatment.
The costs for emergency medical treatment and surgery can be costly and put you out of work for recovery for weeks, even months. In these cases, a Charleston personal injury attorney can help you file an injury claim to recover damages.

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