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Common Reasons Why a Social Security Disaility Application Could Be Denied

One of the most common reasons why a Social Security disability claim would be denied is if the Social Security Administration did not consider the person to be medically disabled. While this is the most common reason, some disability claims are denied for non-medical reasons as well. It is possible for a person to be denied benefits without ever receiving a medical examination.

One reason why this could happen would be if you are working at the time of reasons denied social security disabilityapplication and are receiving an income above the substantial gainful activity amount. This means that you will quickly be denied if you earn too large of an income at the time of application. In this case, you will not even reach the step where they review your medical records.

According to the Social Security Administration, a person is eligible for disability when they have been unable to perform substantial gainful activity for twelve continuous months, or will not be able to perform such activity for the next twelve months, as determined by a medical doctor. This explains the fact that if you were working at the time of application, you would consequently be denied benefits without medical examination.

While there are many cases in which a person could earn above the substantial gainful activity monthly earnings amount, but still have medical problems, the SSA is strict in its definition of being disabled. If you are earning above the determined amount, then you will not be approved for benefits.

Besides earning above the substantial gainful activity amount, you could be denied benefits if you did not send the medical release forms, which are the forms that allow the Social Security Administration to request medical records. If the SSA does not receive these from you, they take this as your failure to cooperate with their procedures and will deny your claim. Also, if you do not attend one of the medical examinations that was scheduled for you, then you could also be denied benefits.

When filling out the application, make sure that you fill everything out completely as well as provide your contact information in case the disability examiner has additional questions for you. Many of the reasons for denial can be avoided if you fill out the application exactly as instruction and complete all of the requirements that the Social Security Administration lays out. This is why it is sometimes helpful to hire a South Carolina disability attorney who is experienced in handling the application, as well as the denial process. Call 888-690-0211 for a free consultation that could help prevent your application from being denied!

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