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Common Types of Fatal Truck Accidents in South Carolina (Part A)

It takes just a split second for a South Carolina truck crash to turn into something deadly. Collisions with trucks can be catastrophic and if they are not fatal, they usually result in serious injuries. If the truck driver was at fault for the accident, you could be eligible to file a South Carolina personal injury claim.

A Charleston injury lawyer with experience in such cases can help determine what might have led to your South Carolina truck crash and whether the truck driver was responsible. Additionally, your Charleston injury lawyer knows the evidence that will be necessary to build a solid case. They can collect medical records, documentation and witness reports to substantiate your claim.

The Most Common Types of Fatal Truck Accidents  

There are some common types of fatal truck accidents that can occur. Unfortunately, a passenger vehicle is simply no match for a huge rig. When truck drivers are negligent or if the trucking company they work for has played a part in negligence, you may be able to recover damages for the loss of your loved one.

One common type of fatal truck accident in South Carolina is a rear underride accident. This occurs when a smaller vehicle strikes the back of the truck and slides at least partially under it.
If the top of the vehicle is at the same height as the back of the truck, it can cause fatal head injuries to those inside the vehicle.

The same thing can happen in a side underride accident, only the vehicle hits the side of the truck. In any accident where the vehicle is at the same height as the truck upon impact, it can lead to a fatal underride accident.

In an override accident, a truck runs over a smaller vehicle or motorcycle. These are often fatal, as well.

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