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Questions We Hear and What We Do To Help You

What We Hear From People Who Are NOT Our Clients:

  1. I can't get my attorney to call me back?
  2. I don't know the status of my case? 
  3. I haven't spoken to my attoreny since I hired him?
  4. What do I do first?
  5. Should I talk to the insurance company?
  6. How do I know if the settlement offer is fair?
  7. How do I know if I should settle my case?

Our Goals and Why Our Clients Don't Ask These Questions:

We take our relationship with our clients, personal. We take our client's injuries, personal. Once a client is a member of our team, they are a member for life. We keep ou rclients up to date and knowledgeble about what is going on with their case, and keep our clients up to date on what is happening in the legal world, even after their case is closed. Our clients never have to worry: Who should I call? Where do I go from here?

Just a few of our Client Benefits:

1. Call any time and schedule an attorney case consultation;
2. Call any time for a status update with your legal assistant;
3. Guaranteed monthly call with a personal case up date
4. Copies of all correspondence sent on your case

Even after a case is closed, our job is not done. As a member of our team, our clients continue to receive:

  • Monthly newsletters or postcards
  • Alerts as to firm updates and activities
  • Updates in the law and pre-release access to copies of new firm publications, consumer reports and more
  • If our clients are involved in another accident, they can call Shelly Leeke directly, or have an investigator come out immediately to meet with them. 

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