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HealthSource- James Island

Shelly Leeke Law Firm publishes directories of medical providers as a service to South Carolina residents. Our listing of a health care provider does not indicate our recommendation of the facility or medical provider and it does not imply a relationship with any particular health care facility or medical provider. You should conduct your own research and determine the health care provider that is right for you.


Dr. Nathan Wiedrich is a chiropractic physician at HealthSource on James Island. Dr. Wiedrich is dedicated to helping his patients to better their lives through rehabiliatation. He has a special interest in neck and back injuries.

Conditions Treated:
Neck Pain/ Stiffness
Low Back Pain
Leg Pain
Disc Degeneration
Muscle Tension

1175 Folly Road, Suite 9
James Island, SC 29412
(843) 225-1236

You can visit the James Island HealthSource website

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