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What You Should Look for When Hiring a Charleston Accident Attorney (Part B)

Tips for Finding a Charleston Accident Attorney

After a South Carolina accident, 2 organizations can help you search for an attorney: the South Carolina Association of Justice and the American Association of Justice, both of which are networking hot spots for trial lawyers.

The following tips can also help you find and hire a Charleston accident attorney:

  • if you know an attorney, ask for a referral;
  • check with the South Carolina Bar Association for a referral

(be advised lawyers pay a fee to be listed under certain specialties);

  • ask plenty of questions to make sure the Charleston accident attorney has a thorough understanding of your injury;
  • be wary of an attorney who rushes you to sign a fee agreement;
  • stay clear of any attorney who promises you a winning settlement; and
  • if a Charleston accident attorney solicits your business after an accident, be careful (beware of "runners," who are people who listen to law enforcement scanners and rush to hospital rooms or accident scenes to get victims to sign a contract with an attorney). 

You also want to make sure the Charleston accident attorney you hire is in good standing in the legal community and up to date on laws related to personal injuries.

Communicating with Your Charleston Accident Attorney

Because you and your Charleston accident attorney will be working closely together, you need to pick someone with whom you feel comfortable. Ask how you'll be informed as your case progresses, who you can call if you have questions, and who will do the actual work on your case.

If paralegals or legal assistants will be assigned to help with your case, ask if your Charleston accident attorney will manage your case.
A reputable Charleston accident attorney will review all documents and correspondence in your case to make sure everything is handled appropriately.

While you recover from your injuries after a South Carolina accident, you'll need a lawyer you trust who will protect your legal rights while you focus on recuperating.

Seeking the Help of a Charleston Accident Attorney

The Charleston accident attorney team at the Shelly Leeke Law Firm is available to help accident victims cope with the legal implications of a serious injury. Our firm's focus on personal injury cases includes injury from auto accidents including pedestrian and bicycle injuries, work-related injuries and Workers' Compensation claims, and injuries resulting from dangerous prescription drugs.

Before you file a South Carolina personal injury claim, request a free copy of our South Carolina injury book. When you're ready to get started on settling your accident claim, contact a Charleston accident attorney for a free information packet and consultation, 1-888-690-0211.

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