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Keeping South Carolina Kids Safe in Cars

Car accidents are the most common cause of injuries to children in the United States each year. Nearly 250,000 children are hurt yearly in automobile accidents. This means almost 700 kids are injured each day due to crashes on our roadways. Even worse, approximately 2,000 children die each year due to injuries sustained in car accidents.

Not wearing a seat belt or being improperly restrained is a contributing factor in more than fifty percent of all fatal car accidents involving a child.

In South Carolina, the child passenger restraint law is as follows:

  • •    Children under 1 year or 20 pounds must be restrained baby safety seat south carolinain a rear-facing infant seat.
  • •    Children ages 1 year through 5 years and 20-39 pounds must be restrained in a forward-facing child safety seat; 
  • •    Children ages 1 year through 5 years and 40-80 pounds must be restrained in a booster seat secured by lap-shoulder belt (lap belt alone is impermissible)
  • •    Children under 6 years of age that weight over 80 pounds are not required to be secured in a booster seat if they can sit with their backs against the car's seat and bend their legs over the edge of the seat without slouching;
  • •    Children under 6 years may not sit in the front passenger seat*

*This restrictions does not apply if the vehicle has no rear passenger seats or if all other rear passenger seats are occupied by children under 6 years.

Ironically, school, daycare and school buses are exempt from the child passenger restraint law in South Carolina.

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