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What Makes Our Law Firm Different?

With so many television commercials, radio ads, billboards and oth
er advertising by personal injury attorneys, it can be nearly impossible to tell which personal injury attorney is right for your accident case. Unlike many injury law firms, Shelly Leeke Injury Law Firm accepts only a select number of accident cases. Why? The answer is quite simple.

Our law firm has implemented a Client First approach to Legal Services.

We are not a personal injury “auto accident case mill.” We do not accept every accident case that walks in the door and we do not handle every type of law. Each injury case that we accept must meet our criteria for representation.

Once a case is accepted, our personal injury client becomes an integral part of our team. Each client knows the attorney that is responsible for their accident case, and each client is given a dedicated legal assistant and/or paralegal for their case.

Each client first receives a firm packet which provides detailed and valuable information to helpthe client assist the accident legal team in making the most of his or her injury case.

All clients receive frequent case updates. In addition, each client is guaranteed contact with their attorney throughout the case. This means that if a client has questions about the case that the dedicated legal assistant cannot answer (they are not allowed to give legal advice), our clients know they will be able to reach your attorney to answer their questions throughout the case.

Shelly Leeke believes that better results come when attorneys handle fewer cases. This enables the attorney to focus necessary attention and dedicate their time to each client’s personal injury  or accident case. The Shelly Leeke Law Firm caseload in continuously monitored to ensure that each client receives the individual supervision of an attorney.
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