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South Carolina Accident & Injury Library

On the pages below you will find important and valuable legal information, reports, links to documents, and discussions provided by Shelly Leeke Law Firm, LLC. This information is given in an effort to help South Carolina accident and injury victims gain a better understanding of the legal system.

The firm believes that with a better understanding of the obstacles and challenges that may come up after an accident, South Carolina accident victims will be better equipped to travel the road to recovery.

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  • Personal Injury Examples, Charleston South Carolina Personal Injury Examples of how a personal injury in South Carolina may occur. Just because you are injured and it wasn't your fault, this doesn't mean you necessarily have a personal injury case that can be won. Call Shelly Leeke Law firm at 843-277-6061 for a complimentary accident or personal injury case evaluation.
  • Do I Really Need to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney For My Case? Listen up! You may not really need an attorney for your auto accident case. But, what you do need is knowledge and information about your rights. South Carolina personal injury attorney Shelly Leeke is dedicated to protecting the rights of South Carolina and Charleston accident victims. Order our FREE BOOK Today.
  • Personal Injury And Accident Book For South Carolina Residents The South Carolina Accident book is offered free to motorists and residents of South Carolina. Order your copy today and Avoid the Crucial Mistakes that can DESTROY your South Carolina Accident Case. Order online or call our recorded hotline and leave your name and address at 1-877-216-6723.
  • How To Find The Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case Choosing an attorney can be a difficult decision. Here are some tips on how to choose the right attorney for your South Carolina accident case. Shelly Leeke Law Firm offers complimentary case evaluations to residents of South Carolina. Call us today at 843-277-6061.
  • Caution: Your Insurance Company May Be Watching You Online If you are involved in an accident and have a claim against the party that is responsible for your injuries, you should be aware that personal information about you posted on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and My Space may be gathered by the insurance company and used as evidence to build their case against you. Call Shelly Leeke Injury Law Firm for more information on your accident case or for our free report on Facebook. Call 843-277-6061 today.
  • What to Take With You To The Attorney Consultation If you have been involved in an accident, there are several documents that will assist an attorney in evaluating your injury claim.Call Shelly Leeke Law Firm For a Free Consultation today, 843-277-6061.
  • Seat Belt Safety --- Charleston South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer The importance of wearing a seat belt should not be understated. Seat belts could have prevented fatalities in nearly half of all fatal car wrecks. There are several ways to make sure you and your family are safe during the holiday season and year round while on the roadways. Shelly Leeke Law Firm offers free reports and information for South Carolina accident victims. Call 843-277-6061 for a free case evaluation.
  • The Steps You Take Immediately Following An Auto Accident Can Severely Impact Your Injury Case. This step-by-step outline provides the most important steps to take immediately following an automobile accident. Shelly Leeke Law Firm provides free reports and books for South Carolina accident and injury victims in Charleston, North Charleston, Goose Creek, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, Walterboro, Dorchester and throughout the State of South Carolina.
  • South Carolina Driving Accident & Insurance Statistics Listed here are quick facts on South Carolina drivers and insurance, including fatality statistics, teen accident statistics, and car accident claim statistics.

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