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When Trucking Company Negligence Causes a South Carolina Accident (Part A)

Driving on the road with big rigs can be an intimidating experience. Just the sheer size of a truck presents a number of risks for other drivers sharing the roadways, which is why trucking companies have numerous regulations and safety measures to follow.

While many trucking companies abide by such requirements with ease, deadline pressures and quota fulfillments can drive others to trucking company negligence. Even just one truck accident in South Carolina is too much, especially when it results from trucking company negligence.south carolina truck accident

When you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident in South Carolina, you may be left wondering whether the truck driver was somehow at fault. To be sure, you'll want to consult with a South Carolina truck accident lawyer.

Types of Trucking Company Negligence

What you may uncover, however, is trucking company negligence at the source of your truck accident in South Carolina.
This means the company itself is engaged in careless or reckless behavior that put your life and others at risk.

Some common examples of trucking company negligence include:

  • scheduling drivers for workdays that exceed federal regulations relating to travel and sleep time;
  • failing to properly load, balance and secure trucks;
  • hiring drivers who lack proper qualifications and training;
  • failing to discipline drivers for safety violations; and
  • failing to provide safety devices on trucks (such as devices to prevent serious injury in an underride accident). 

After a Truck Accident in South Carolina

Immediately after your truck accident in South Carolina, your priority will shift to your recovery or that of your loved one. It may help to know that if trucking company negligence caused your crash, you may not be liable for your medical costs.

Furthermore, if a Charleston truck accident lawyer evaluates the circumstances surrounding your truck accident in South Carolina and finds you can file a personal injury claim, you may even receive compensation to account for the time you missed at work while recovering. The same is true of your physical pain and psychological suffering.

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