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Dog Owners or Caretakers Are Responsible for The Actions of Dogs They Control

South Carolina Dog Bite Law Is Designed to Protect Dog Attack Victims

South Carolina dog bite laws are fairly straightforward. In short, if you own a dog or are taking care of a dog for someone else, you are responsible for the dog and any damages that result if the dog attacks or bites someone else. The only exception is if the person who is bitten or attacked by the dog is provoking the dog when the dog attacks.

If you are attacked, bitten or otherwise injured by an unprovoked dog, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. You should also speak with a qualified dog bite attorney to protect your legal rights.

When looking at who is responsible for paying for the injuries and damages caused when a dog attacks or dog bites someone,



Who had possession of or was caring for the dog when the bite took place? This is important because if you are taking care if someone else’s dog and the dog bites someone, you may be responsible for the damages caused by the dog. You are responsible for supervising and restraining the dog, even if you are keeping a dog that is not your own.



On whose property did the bite take place? Where did the dog attack occur; was the dog on your property; do you own the property where the dog bite incident took place; do you rent the property where the dog bit someone? All of these are factors that determine liability for purposes of dog bite law in South Carolina.



Was the person who was bitten on your property by invitation, such as guest, repairman, etc.? If the dog bite victim was trespassing on your property, you are not liable for injuries sustained during this trespass. You are only responsible if the dog attack victim was authorized or legally permitted on your property when the dog bite incident occurred.



Was the person bitten carrying working for the state or federal government, such as a mail man, meter reader, etc.? If the person was a postal worker, electrician for the electric company or otherwise lawfully on your property, they were not trespassing. You are responsible for supervising and restraining your dog or the dog you are caring for appropriately.



Did the person who was bitten provoke the dog bite or dog attack? If the victim was terrorizing or otherwise provoking the dog, then you are not responsible for the dog bite or dog attack because the dog bite victim caused the dog to attack.

If you are the victim of a dog bite, there are many legal factors that are considered when evaluating who should be responsible for your injuries, and there may be more than one party responsible for the attack. That is why it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an attorney immediately.

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