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South Carolina Dog Owners are Responsible if Their Dog Attacks or Bites An Innocent Person

Dangerous Dog or Dangerous Animal: Owner Responsibility

South Carolina has a separate statute that pertains to "dangerous animals." In South Carolina, if a dog or other animal is considered a "dangerous animal," there are specific laws that apply to owners of dangerous animals. 

Owners of dangerous animals must keep their dog confined in a secure pen, run, or fenced area. The area should be clearly marked and identify the dog or animal as dangerous.

In addition, if a dog is considered a dangerous animal, the dog's owner may not allow the animal to run free, even on the dog owner's property or in the dog owner's yard. Owners of dogs that are considered "dangerous animals" by South Carolina law, are legally required to keep the animals restrained at all times. 

Dangerous Dog or Dangerous Animal Registration Requirements


If a person owns a dog that is considered by South Carolina law as a "dangerous" animal, the dog must be registered with local county law enforcement agency. The dog owner must provide proof of insurance or surety bond. One exception to this law permits animals owned by a licensed security company to patrol in a confined area.

If you have questions or if you or a family member have been attacked or bitten by a dog or dangerous animal, it is important that you contact a qualified dog bite attorney to make sure your rights are protected. 

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