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10 Tips For Staying Out Of The School Bus “Danger Zone”

Teaching your children these ten tips could save their lives.

1) Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus's scheduled arrival time. Rushing to catch a bus could be dangerous and lead to injuries.

2) Always stand 10 feet away from the curb. Ten feet is equal to about 5 giant steps for children. Teaching your kids to stand back from the bus will insure that the bus driver can see them.

3) Wait for the okay before boarding the bus. Wait for the bus to make a complete stop, the door to be completely open, and the bus driver to give the "okay" before boarding the bus.

4) Cross the street safely. When crossing the street, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop. Check both directions for oncoming traffic. When it is clear, cross the street 10 feet in front of the stopped bus. When getting off, stop at the edge of the bus, ten feet in front of the bus, and check both directions before crossing.
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5) Be sure the bus driver can see you. Just because you can see the bus driver, doesn't mean he or she can see you. Maintaining a ten foot radius around the truck will keep you out of the "Danger Zone" and in the driver's sight.

6) Use handrails. Use handrails to avoid falling. Watch out for any loose strings, book bag and backpack straps which can get caught in the handrails.

7) Walk at least ten feet away from the side of the bus. Again, this keeps you out of the "Danger Zone" and in the driver's sight.

8) If you drop something near the bus, don't try to pick it up. Always tell the bus driver if you dropped something near the bus before trying to pick it up. This will ensure the bus driver knows you're there and not on the bus, so that he or she doesn't pull off.

9) Never walk behind the bus. The bus driver will most likely not be able to see you behind the bus.

10) Take your seat quickly. Taking your seat quickly enables every one to board the bus quickly and helps prevent future injuries when the driver begins moving again.

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