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Steps to Take If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

If you begin to take notice of signs of nursing home abuse, such as unexplained injuries, then there are steps that you should take in order to pursue a nursing home abuse case. If you have not seen any signs of abuse, but your loved one has told you that they are being abused, it is important to take them what to do if i suspect nursing home abuseseriously. Your main priority should be your elder’s health, which is why, in some instances, it may be necessary for you to find a different nursing home for them to stay in while you pursue a nursing home abuse case.

The first step that you should take is to collect any and all evidence that you can of the abuse or neglect. This will help to make things easier when you meeting with a nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your case. This evidence can include:

Pictures- It is important to take pictures of the injuries that your loved one has sustained. Even if you are unsure as to whether an injury is related to the abuse or neglect, you should still take pictures of it. Try to use a camera instead of your cellphone to take the pictures. The reasoning behind taking pictures of the injuries is that your loved one’s injuries may heal and the photographs will have a greater impact on your case than someone simply reading about the injuries. Also, take pictures of the room where your elder lives as well as the staff that takes care of them

Notes- Start documenting details of the abuse, including any specific incidents that you can recall. Make sure that you write down the names of the staff members involved in the abuse or neglect because nursing home staff tends to change frequently. Write down details of medical treatment, including dosage of medicine given and names of doctors, if it relates to your nursing home abuse case. Write down dates next to all of the incidences so that you are better able to support your case against the nursing home.

Documentation of Injuries- Obtain your loved one’s medical chart from the nursing home so that you can see exactly what treatment they were given. This chart can help to determine whether the nursing home was being negligent in treating your loved one and whether or not they are liable for your loved one’s injuries or death. If your loved one had to go to the hospital because of injuries that they received in the nursing home, then you should also obtain those medical records to have as evidence as well.

After you collect evidence of the abuse, you should contact a nursing home abuse attorney in your area. With this evidence collected, you will be better prepared to pursue a nursing home abuse case against your loved one’s nursing home. Do not worry if you cannot get all of these items to bring to your attorney- any evidence that you have is important and can be used to support your case.

Most nursing home abuse attorneys offer free case evaluations so that it can be determined whether or not you have a case against the nursing home. If you would like to set up a free consultation with a nursing home abuse attorney, call 843-297-6061 today! 

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