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Tactics Used by the Insurance Company That Can Ruin Your SC Injury Claim (Part A)

After you have been injured in an accident, you will most likely be upset. You have to deal with the consequences of a negligent driver's actions, which can include finding a different form of transportation and seeking medical treatment. You need legal help. However, you must realize that the insurance adjustor's job is to look for ways to deny claims. They deal with accident claims on a daily basis and have developed tactics in order to put you at a disadvantage when it comes to your personal injury case.  That is why it is important to be knowledgeable of these tactics used by insurance adjustors so that you do not make a mistake that could ruin your case. 

1. The Recorded Statement Regarding Your Injuries.

After you have been in a South Carolina accident, the insurance adjustor will most likely call you to ask for you to give a recorded statement. This recorded statement can then be used against you in the future while you are trying to file your claim. The adjustortactics used by the insurance adjustor will try to make it seem as though it is in your best interest to give a recorded statement, but this is not the case. Adjustors have been known to pick apart cases using the recorded statments that they have taken. For example, if you forget to include an explanation of some of your injuries in your statement to the adjustor, they will use the statement later on to make it seem as though you are a liar who is making up injuries that did not occur in the accident. Therefore, it is best to simply tell the adjustor that you do not want to give a recorded statement when they ask after the accident.

2. Telling You if You Do Not Give a Recorded Statement, They Will Not Settle With You.

It is absolutely not a requirement to give a recorded statement with an adjustor. As stated above, the recorded statement will not be beneficial to your claim. If you decided to hire an attorney, you can tell the adjustor to only speak with them about your case and you will not be bothered by them anymore. You will also not have to worry about messing up your claim because the case will essentially be in the hands of an attorney who has years of experience dealing with these types of claims. 

3. Telling You All Your Money Will Go To the Lawyer.

Adjustors often tell claimants that they should not hire a lawyer because lawyers take all of the settlement money. The reason why the adjustor would say this is because their goal is to save the insurance company money, not you! They know that injured victims’ settlements are 3½ times greater when they are represented by attorneys. South Carolina car accident attorneys offer free case evaluations so you are not losing anything by consulting with a lawyer. 

4. Acting Like Your Friend and Making False Promises.

Adjustors will often try to make it seem like they are your friend and that they will pay for your medical bills. This is an especially tricky tactic that could damage your case if you believe their false promises. Once you hire an attorney, you will notice that they will stop acting like your "friend," which is good because then you will have a greater chance of recovering compensation for your claim. 

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