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Tactics Used by the Insurance Company That Can Ruin Your SC Injury Claim (Part B)

The following is a continuation of a list of the tactics used by insurance adjustors to ruin your case. If you have been in a South Carolina accident or want to prepare yourself in case of an accident, you should review the tactics below. It is important as you are reading these tactics to always keep in mind that the adjustor is not your friend and it is their job to give you the least amount of money possible.

5. Asking You to Sign Medical Authorization Forms.

By signing a medical authorization form, you are essentially giving the insurance company full access to ALL of your medical insurance adjustor for my accident claimrecords. This allows them to get records that are completely unrelated to the accident, including records from psychologists and psychiatrists. They will then try to use these records against you in order to deny your claim. Therefore, do NOT sign the medical authorization form for them. Your South Carolina accident attorney will then determine what records the insurance company is permitted to view.

6. Deliberately Delaying Settling Your claim or Speaking With You About Your Claim.

After an accident, you may have some financial troubles and will be eager to settle your claim right away. The insurance companies know that you feel this way. As a result, the adjustor may intentionally delay settling your claim so that when you have reached a breaking point, they will give you a low ball offer in an attempt to save the insurance company money. Do not give in to this!

7. Disputing Your Medical Treatment and Bills.

It is highly unlikely that the insurance adjustor handling your claim went to medical school. However, they make it seem as though they know just when you should be finished with treatment for your injuries and exactly how long it will take for you to recover. The only thing they have is a computer program that broadly categorizes your injury that they try to use as a basis for disputing your treatment. Everyone heals differently and treatment time cannot be determined by a computer. 

8. Misrepresenting Insurance Benefits.

The adjustor may tell you that there is a minimum amount of coverage available and then once you file the claim, you may find out that other coverage existed more than the minimum $25,000 that is required in South Carolina. This also emphasizes the importance of hiring an attorney to represent you for your claim. They will be able to examine the policy and determine what coverage is available.

If you have been injured in an accident, in order to ensure that you do not fall prey to any of these insurance company tactics, you should set up a free consultation appointment with a South Carolina car accident lawyer. Call 843.277.6061 today, and let us, help you. 

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