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Insurance Agent's Don't Always Have Your Best Interests in Mind

The Insurance Agent May Encourage You to Buy The Policy that Offers the Highest Commission:

While your insurance agent may be able to assist you in understanding the various types of insurance coverage, they may not be the most reliable source when choosing the best policy for you. Many insurance companies offer "steering" commissions to agents who sell their policies. Under this type of agreement, an insurance carrier offers special commissions to agents who sell their policies.

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

You should always do your homework before you contact an agent to purchase insurance. Know in advance what types of coverage is available and what coverage you need to adequately protect yourself and your family. When you do meet with your agent, ask about commissions and ask him to provide a full explanation for the policy recommendations. Learn the five things insurance companies don't want you to know about auto insurance.

For more information on types of coverage you need, download our full report on Automobile Insurance in South Carolina.

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