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What is The South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission?

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission has been operating since September 1, 1935. The Commission consists of seven commissioners, who are appointed by the Governor.

Every workers' compensation claim in South Carolina is assigned to a commmissioner. The commissioners have a number of important responsibilities, including:

1)    Conducting hearings and determing if a claim is valid
2)    Conducting informal conferences
3)    Determining if an employee is entitled to benefits
4)    Approving settlements, attorneys fees, and costs
4)    Awarding an amount for permanent disability in contested claims

Each commissioner’s decision on a case is reviewed by his or her fellow commissioners, either by the other six commissioners as a group or a group of three commissioners, all of who did not hear the original hearing.

There are also a number of employees under the commissioners in the Commission. These employees each work in one of six divisions of the Commission. The divisions are:

1)    Department of Coverage and Compliance
2)    Department of Claims and Statistics
3)    Department of Insurance and Medical Services
4)    Information Resources Department
5)    Judicial Department
6)    Legal Department

The Workers’ Compensation Commission also has the exclusive power to enact regulations to enforce the Worker’s Compensation Act.

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