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Items To Take With You To The Free Consultation

Once you have decided to talk to a lawyer about your workers' compensation claim, you will want to take  with you as much information about your injury and your case as you have in your possession. The more information you have, the better able the lawyer will be to answer your questions and advise you about your case.

Helpful Tip- I tell my workers' compensation clients to jot down as much information about the accident as they can remember, in detail. As time passes, you may forget important details, so it is a good idea to write it down soon after you are first injured at work.

Some of the items and information you will want to take with you to the Attorney's Office:

    The name of your employer, your employer's address, and the type of business
•    The
name of your supervisor
•    The names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to your work accident
•    The names, addresses and telephone numbers of any doctors that have treated your
work injury
•    Any medical records or work excuses your doctor gave you
•    Receipts for any prescription medications you were prescribed for your injury
•    Detailed information about the accident, including the date you were injured, where, time, and any details about the accident that may be helpful to the attorney
•    Your date of birth, social security number, address, telephone number
•    Your educational and job history
•    A detailed description of your job, including your daily duties, work hours, length of empl
•    Recent paystubs
•    Your tax returns for at least one to two years prior to the work accident
•    Any other information that you feel is relevant to your workers' compensation claim

 This isPen & Paper for List of Things  to Take to Free  Consultation a long list and you may not have all of this information available. That is ok. This   list is only items and information that you should take to your free consultation if you have them. You do not need to do any unnecessary legwork. Your attorney should be able to get the information he or she needs for your case that you do not have. But the more information you provide, the better the lawyer will be able to help you when you come in to the law office.

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