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On the pages below you will find important and valuable legal information, reports, links to documents, and discussions provided by Shelly Leeke Law Firm, LLC. This information is given in an effort to help South Carolina accident and injury victims gain a better understanding of the legal system.

The firm believes that with a better understanding of the obstacles and challenges that may come up after an accident, South Carolina accident victims will be better equipped to travel the road to recovery.

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  • What Is South Carolina Workers' Compensation Injured On The Job Workers' Compensation is when your employer pays for your on-the-job injuries. Contact the Shelly Leeke Law Firm at 843-277-6061 for a FREE consultation!
  • Steps To Take After An On-The-Job Injury There are things that should and must be done after you are injured on-the-job. Making sure you do these three things can save your workers' compensation case.
  • Do I Need A Lawyer For My South Carolina Workers' Compensation Case? Not all workers' compensation cases in SC require an attorney; however, it is always a good idea to at least consult with one, like Attorney Shelly Leeke.
  • What To Take to A Free Consultation, Charleston SC Workers' Comp Atty Being injured at work can be a devastating experience. South Carolina workers' compensation claims can be complex and leave you with many questions. That is why Shelly Leeke Law Firm offers free reports and information for South Carolina workers injured at work. Call us today at 843-277-6061.
  • Common South Carolina Worker's Compensation Terminology Worker's Compensation claims can be complex. That is why we provide reports and information for injured workers in South Carolina, for free. If you are injured at work, call Shelly Leeke Law Firm, for a complimentary case evaluation, 843-277-6061.
  • The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission is composed of seven commissioners who are responsible for hearing and determining claims. Shelly Leeke Law Firm offers free reports and information for Charleston and South Carolina workers injured on the job. Call 843-277-6061 today for a free case evaluation.
  • What Exactly Is Worker's Compensation? South Carolina Worker's Compensation can be confusing. Learn the facts about worker's compensation in South Carolina. If you are an injured worker in South Carolina, Shelly Leeke can provide you with free information that can help you learn your rights. We also offer free complimentary case evaluations to injured workers in South Carolina. Call 843-277-6061 today.

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