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Columbia Couple Killed By A Drunk Driver

Posted on Mar 01, 2011
A deadly crash occured on Sunday, February 27,2011 when Philip and Elaine Lavoie of Columbia were struck by a drunk driver. The accident happened along Interstate 95 in Colleton County.  South Carolina Highway Patrol states that the couple was traveling north near Walterboro when 34 year old Christopher Gregg, of Deleware, swerved into another lane hitting the couple in the SUV that they were driving. The impact forced the vehicle off of the road, causing it to strike a tree.

Philip and Elaine Lavoie were killed in the accident. Christopher Gregg is being charged with 2 counts of felony DUI involving death.

"It is truly a tragedy that they are no longer with us" says daughter Sharon Holley. Just 6 short months ago, Ms. Holley's husband was struck by a drunk driver. She says that it is hard to believe in their small family and their small circle of friends that this could possibly happen to them again. 

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