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Fatal Dog Attack Leaves Man Dead in His Home

Posted on Jan 18, 2010

Fifty six year old, Johnny Wilson, was found lifeless in his Chicago living room, with numerous bite marks on his body, according to police. Other reports say he also suffered massive head, chest and upper body trauma. According to authorities, four pit bulls and two puppies were in the home when the fatal dog attack occurred.

Neighbors say they had seen the victim walking the dogs in the past and that the dogs appeared friendly. A source said the Mr. Wilson's daughter was breeding the dogs, but there was no sign of dogfighting in the house.

The victims daughter told investigators the dogs were afraid of her father because his voice was loud.

Before the autopsy was performed, authorities said they believe Wilson was mauled and killed by the dogs.

Animal Care and Control officials were evaluating the dogs. The adult animals will likely be euthanized because they were involved in a fatal attack. The fate of the two puppies found in the home will depend on whether they were involved in the attack, according to animal control officials.

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