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Mt. Pleasant Texting Ban Loses Support

Posted on Apr 20, 2010

On Tuesday, at the Mt. Pleasant Town Council meeting, council members sent back the idea of a texting ban to the Police, Legal and Judicial Committee.

Only two residents spoke in support of the texting ban, which included Jane Neil, who had been involved in an accident in which the other driver hit her as a result of texting while driving. She feels as though there needs to be a ban because the effects of texting while driving is similar to that of driving while under the influence. Neil brings up a very good point considering statistically, texting while driving slows a person's reaction time by 30%!

Three residents spoke out against the proposed ban, saying that it would be costly to the town to try to prosecute people who broke this law and that it would take away the personal freedom of the citizens of the town. Many people thought that the ban would be a good idea, but they just did not know how the police could possibly enforce it. However, texting bans have proven to be successful in other states and the benefit of potentially saving people's lives is far greater than the cost of enforcing a texting law. We hope that a texting ban in Mt. Pleasant will once again gain momentum so that the roads can be safer for our drivers.

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