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Police Officer Critically Injured in Barnwell Accident

Posted on Apr 23, 2012
Barnwell, S.C. - An accident on South Carolina Highway 3 on the morning of Saturday, April 21st left a police officer critically injured.

The accident occurred while the officer was patrolling SC Hwy 3 at around 1:30am. The officer saw that a young person was walking down the wrong side of the highway so he pulled over to speak to them. Barnwell police officer critically injured

At this time, 84-year-old Sarah Wallace was traveling southbound and crashed into the officer's vehicle. This caused the police car to crash into both the officer and the juvenile.

Emergency responders came to the scene and took the juvenile by ambulance and airlifted the officer to the hospital. Wallace and her three passengers sustained minor injuries in the crash and were transported to Barnwell Hospital.

Their current conditions are unknown, but it was reported that the officer was “critically injured.”

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