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Wisconsin Ban On Texting

Posted on Apr 20, 2010

As texting while driving has become more and more of a problem, states are realizing that there is an urgent need to legislate on the issue. On Tueday, Wisconsin will join 21 other states that have already passed bans on texting while driving. The bill requires one more vote in the Senate before it is given to Gov. Jim Doyle, who says that he supports the ban and will sign it into law.

Seven months after the governor signs the ban, violators who are found using their cell phone, iPhone, or Blackberry will be required to pay a $400 fine. This fine is far more than the $25 fine proposed by South Carolina in order to ban texting. A higher fine would be far more effective in breaking this dangerous habit. The risks associated with texting while driving are much greater than a $25 fine, so tell your friends and family to pledge to not to be a distracted driver.

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