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Worker Dead After Fall From Crane

Posted on Jan 22, 2010

The worker, a computer consultant, was climbing a ladder attached to a crane in order to inpect the operational system in a company’s crane cab.

When he reached the top of the ladder, he went to step onto the platform but fell through the ladder’s safety cage to the ground below. His injuries  suffered included a fractured pelvis and trauma to his major organs. He died about six weeks after the fall.

His family was left with medical expenses of around $600,000. The decedant was 52, and was suvived by his wife and an adult son.

The family sued those in control of the premises, alleging they should not have allowed him access to the ladder because he was not physically capable of climbing. The lawsuit also alleged that the defendants failed to maintain and upgrade the ladder, and should have used a stair system on the ladder.

The Plaintiffs argued the defendants failed to adhere to OSHA requirements, safety requirements, ANSI standards, and the operation manual.

The case settled at mediation for $1.5 million.

Citation: Doe v. Roe, (Cal., Los Angeles Co. Super.  June 25, 2009

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