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Auto Accident
Facts: Client rear ended in multi-vehicle collision Injuries: Back, requiring surgery, complications from surgery resulting in second surgery Location: Summerville
Auto Accident
Facts: Client was rear ended Injuries: Shoulder and back injury, requiring injections and recommended shoulder surgery Location: Summerville
Auto Accident
Facts: At Fault Vehicle failed to yield to our client Injuries: Death Location: Mt. Pleasant
Auto Accident
Facts: Client was rear ended at a stop light Injuries: Neck and back injuries resulting in back surgery Location: Walterboro
Auto Accident
Facts: Client was a passenger in a vehicle that collided with a vehicle making an improper u-turn Injuries: right humeral fracture, left radial fracture, kidney injury and lung injury Location: Georgetown
Dog Bite
Facts: Client doing yardwork when neighborhood dog jumped on and attacked client Injuries: torn rotator cuff shoulder injury, torn tendons and muscles; reinjury of pre-existing back injury Location: Mt. Pleasant
Workers' Comp
Facts: Client fell down a flight of stairs Injuries: torn meniscus to left knee causing injury of right knee Location: North Charleston
Premises Liability
Facts: Client tripped over a pallet of drinks that were improperly encroaching the walkway in a convenience story Injuries: broken hip Location: Charleston
Workers' Comp
Facts: Client was rear ended in work truck Injuries: left arm, wrist, neck and back Location: Colleton County
Motor Vehicle Accident - Policy Limits Settlement
Outcome: Liability Settlement $100,000; UIM Settlement $100,000 Description: In this case, a distracted driver who crossed the center line and crashed in to our client, causing multiple injuries.
Auto Accident - Passenger: Policy Limits Obtained
Outcome: Policy Limits Description: Our client was a passenger in the at fault vehicle. The vehicle ran a red light and was struck on the passenger side. Our client suffered a fractured vertebrae.
For Passenger of Vehicle That Spun out of Control
Walterboro client sustained a shoulder injury from an auto accident. He was a passenger in a vehicle that hit a deer and then a tree. Our client required shoulder surgery as a result.
Recovery for 10 Year Old Child Bitten by Neighbor's Dog
Our 10 year old client was visiting her neighbor's house, playing with their grandchildren. The homeowner's dog, suddenly bit our client's face, causing deep lacerations. The scar was slightly visible after several months of conservative treatment, and roughly $3,000.00 in medical bills.
Recovery for Motor Vehicle Accident Involving Drunk Driver
Outcome: Policy Limits Settlement Description: Our client was struck by a drunk driver, who ran a redlight and then fled the scene of the accident. Our client suffered neck injuries, air bag burns and lacerations.
Policy Limits Obtained for Wrongful Death - Pedestrian vs. Automobile
Our client was an elderly gentleman from Harleyville. While attempting to cross the street, he was struck by an oncoming vehilce. The accident occurred at night. Just after he was struck, another oncoming vehicle failed to see him lying in the roadway, and struck him again. Our client was transported...
Recovery for Realtor Injured on Faulty Sidewalk
Our client was a realtor, at a condominium community for the purpose of showing a rental condo. She tripped over a raised sidewalk, splitting her patella, requiring surgery. Investigation revealed a homeowner had previously reported the sidewalk conditions, but no repairs had been made.
Recovery for Bicyclist Hit by Motor Vehicle
Our Client was an experienced bicyclist. A distracted motorist hit our client, who was following the rules of the road. He required several dental procedures but ultimately recovered fully.
Recovery for 24 Year Old Woman Injured in Interstate Crash
A 24 year old woman was a passenger in her sister's car, when a multiple car accident occurred. Several injuries were reported, and our client sustained a fractured pelvis. She underwent physical therapy and months of treatment, but was able to fully recover from her injuries.
Recovery for Workers' Compensation Claimant
A twenty three year old woman sustained multiple injuries when she was shot by an armed robber while working at a local retail store.
Recovery for Rear-End Collision
Our 66 year old client was stopped at a red light when he was struck from behind. At the time of impact, he was reaching in the glove compartment. The crash caused him to hit his head on the steering wheel. However, our client had a pre-existing neurological condition that...
Settlement for Pedestrian Struck by Motorist
Our young client had been socializing with friends and was walking home from a local restaurant. He was struck by a teenage driver, who swerved off the roadway and in to our client, causing him leg injuries and surgery. After several months of rehabilitation, he was released from treatment for...
Recovery for Auto Accident Victim
Our 76 year old client was involved in an automobile accident on Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant. A company vehicle pulled out in front of him, causing the crash. He was rushed to the emergency room, but later died of his injuries.
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