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Your Medical Records Should Start With Injury And End With Recovery.

Even if you have a legitimate reason for missing a medical appointment or stopping medical treatment altogether, one of the easiest ways to destroy, or at the very least, significantly decrease the value of your injury case is to stop going to the doctor when you are still in pain.

The reason is simple- The insurance company will not compensate you for the injuries you claim to have sustained in an accident unless they are documented on paper through your medical records. The only way to ensure your medical records adequately reflect the full extent of you injuries is by seeking medical treatment for your injuries until you have completely recovered.

Below are several important factors to keep in mind if you are recovering from injuries you suffered in an accident:

  • If you are injured, only you and your medical records can reveal the extent of your injury;

  • A jury will use the amount of medical treatment you receive as a basis for judging how seriously you were injured in the accident;

  • If you miss appointments or discontinue medical treatment, the insurance company will argue that if you had really been injured, you would have gone to the doctor;

  • It will be difficult to prove  the seriousness of your injuries if you could not make time to fit your medical treatment in to your schedule.
If you have not been to the doctor in several weeks or worse, several months, the insurance company will argue you have fully recovered from your injuries. If you then go back to the doctor some time later because you continue to have pain, the insurance company will say your pain is not from the accident, but from some other even that occurred after you stopped going to the doctor initially. 

Precautions To Take To Protect Your Injury Claim:

  1. If you must miss an appointment, call your doctor and reschedule the appointment for the next day or as soon after as the doctor can see you;
  2. Tell your  doctor at your next appointment, why you had to miss the previous appointment, so that your doctor will include this in your medical records;
  3. If you doctor is planning to release you from further medical treatment, tell him/her immediately if you are still in pain;
  4. Tell your attorney. If you continue to have pain after the doctor has released you from further treatment, your attorney will know what steps to take to ensure your rights are protected. Your attorney should know what to look for in your medical records to ensure that the extent of your injury and/or any future medical treatment you may require is adequately documented.

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