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After A Crash: 5 Steps South Carolina Motorcycle Riders Must Take

Biker Standing Beside His MotorcycleThe  common misconception among many South Carolina motorists is that motorcycles are unsafe and motorcycle riders cause accidents. What you may not know is that in South Carolina, two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle were caused by the other automobile failing to yield the motorcyclist's right-of-way.  According to motorcycle accident research, often times the motorcycle rider is the victim of another driver’s careless or distracted driving.

Even if you are one of those riders who loves the feel of the wind on your back while cruising down the highway, you probably also are aware that reckless drivers pose a potentially deadly threat to bikers.

If you happen to be involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle, you must protect your legal rights. Here are five important steps that can help improve your chances of winning your motorcycle accident case.

  1. First, Immediately seek medical attention if you are hurt. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries to the rider. If you think you may have a serious injury,  call the police immediately or yell for help if you are unable to move. Charleston County EMS or the local emergency personnel called to the scene of the accident are trained in providing emergency assistance to accident victims with serious injuries. Do not try to move around or avoid seeking medical treatment, as this could be a costly mistake.
  2. Call the police or dial 911 for help. It is always best to document the accident by contacting the police. Proving fault in South Carolina motorcycle accident cases can be difficult if the case is not well documented. A police report will help your attorney in his or her investigation of the accident and reconstructing the events leading up to the accident. At the scene, the police will document the names of the drivers, their contact information, the accident scene information and witness names and contact information. The police will also issue a document called an   FR-10 (the green sheet). Take this form  with you when you consult with an attorney. 
  3. Take notes. If you are not seriously injured, you may be able to write down  able to, write down the names of the police officers and medics that respond to the accident. Also get the name and contact information for the other driver and passengers of the at fault car if you can.
  4. Take Notes. Here in Charleston, and all over South Carolina for that matter, we are known for our friendliness and willingness to help accident victims on the roadway. If a passerby stops to help, make sure you  get their name, address and telephone number,  as he or she may be able to provide additional details of the accident that may help your case against the insurance company for the at fault driver. 
  5. Notify your insurance company, and then Immediately consult with a qualified South Carolina personal injury lawyer. Remember, most personal injury attorneys offer  free consultations, so it is in your best interest to at least speak with a lawyer about your motorcycle accident.  An attorney can help you make sense of the process, as well as insure that the other driver’s insurance doesn’t unfairly blame you for the accident. 

Remember, just because you have two wheels, and the vehicle that hit you had  four or more, does not mean you have any less legal rights as a motorcycle accident victim.
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