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More Boating Safety Tips

Here are some more tips on boating safety that will save lives.


1) Create a boat safety plan. Leave you plan with a responsible person on land who can all for help if you do not return when schedule.

2) Check the weather! It may look beautiful and sunny in the morning, but in Charleston, South Carolina severe thunderstorms can come out of nowhere.

3) Make sure you have enough life jackets for everyone who will be aboard. Make sure they are the proper size for each passenger and in good working order.

4) Check your boat's battery and fuel.

5) Make sure the lights work on both your boat and your trailer.

6) Always have a fire extinguisher on board that is in good working condition.

7) Make sure the boat is securely connected to the trailer and the trailer is securely connected to the towing vehicle.


Do NOT operate a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2) If your boat has sails, watch out for power lines and wires overhead.

3) If someone falls overboard, throw them a flotation device immediately.

4) Remember, ALL boats approaching from the RIGHT have the right of way.

5) Anchor from the bow of the boat and pull the anchor when before leaving.

6) If your boat capsizes, stay with your boat.

7) If caught in one of our freak thunderstorms, steer the boat into the wind, make sure everyone is wearing a flotation device, and make sure everyone stays low in the boat.

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