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Do you have a personal injury claim in South Carolina? (Part A)

A South Carolina personal injury claim can encompass a wide variety of circumstances and accidents. Determining whether you have a solid claim is best done by an experienced attorney.

A Charleston personal injury lawyer understands the ins and outs of personal injury cases and what qualifies as a valid claim. In addition, a Charleston personal injury lawyer can help determine who may be held liable in a South Carolina personal injury claim and what types of damages may be recovered.

Negligence in a South Carolina Personal Injury Claim

One of the most important aspects of a South Carolina personal injury claim is negligence.
There must be a demonstration of negligence. In other words, someone's actions or lack of actions were careless or negligent and resulted in injuries to another individual.

Determining negligence depends on the circumstances surrounding an injury. For instance, a drunk driver who hits and injures a pedestrian is a more obvious example of determining who is negligent.

However, if an individual is injured because of a defective product, determining whose negligence led to those injuries might be more difficult. It could be several parties, from the manufacturer to the retailer.

Your Injuries and Your South Carolina Personal Injury Claim

Injuries are the other important factor in a South Carolina personal injury claim. Not only must there be proof that someone was negligent but it must also be shown that the negligence led to injuries. 

While most South Carolina personal injury claims involve bodily injuries, it could also include psychological and emotional impact as well. Many accidents that cause serious physical injuries can affect other areas of a victim's life including their ability to work, take care of their family and meet their financial needs.

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