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Wear Your Seat Belt- It's a Matter of Life or Death

The importance of wearing your seat belt should not be taken lightly. Importance of wearing a seat belt

Sixty three percent of people killed in car accidents are not wearing a seat belt. People ages sixteen to twenty five are among the group least likely to buckle up, yet this is the nation's highest risk drivers for drunk driving, speeding and car wrecks. Even if you are only traveling a short distance, it is still important to fasten your seat belt. In fact, it may be even more important.

Did you know? Eighty percent of all traffic fatalities occur within twenty five miles of home and at speeds under forty miles per hour. Safety belts can prevent death in nearly half of the the 40,000 auto accident fatalities each year.

You Are Breaking The Law If You Do Not Wear Your Seat Belt:

Seat belt usage is mandatory for all drivers and passengers on South Carolina roadways. The following is a summary of South Carolina's seat belt law:

  • A police officer can stop a driver if the officer has a clear and unobstructed view of the driver or an occupant of the vehicle not wearing a seat belt.

  • A police officer can stop a driver if the officer has a clear and unobstructed view of a child that is not properly secured in a child restraint system.

  • Drivers stopped for violating the seat belt law may be fined $25 per person  up to $50 per vehicle.

  • The driver is responsible for making sure all children and occupants under the age of 17 without a driver's license, have their seat belt fastened.
Tips to help you make buckling up a mandatory part of your travels:

  1. Do not begin moving your vehilce until every person in the car is buckled up.
  2. Most passengers will gladly comply with a request to buckle up, but if they are reluctant remind them there is a fine for not buckling up.
  3. Instill in your child the importance of wearing a seat belt any time they are in the vehicle.
  4. Adjust your seat belt to fit snugly over your hip bones, crossing your lap low on your hips as opposed to your stomach.
  5. Place shoulder belt over your shoulder, not under your arm.
  6. Only have as many pasengers in your vehicle as there are seat belts available.
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