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Five Tips For Preventing Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

1) Make sure your bike is free from defects and/or damage
Check your motorcycle before heading out. Check your tires for damage and make sure your lights are clean and breaks are working properly.

2) Monitor Weather and Road Conditions

Prepare yourself for the current and future road conditions. A day where rain and ice are projected in the forecast, can pose a hazard to motorcycle riding.
Keep your eyes on the road at all all times as pot holes and other road defects also cause many accidents.

3) Sharing the Road with Other Drivers

Pay attention to other drivers and alter your positioning and speed accordingly. Share the road and remember that not all drivers will be looking for you. Be extra cautious. Always check before merging into a lane. Use your headlights both day and night.

4) The Motorcyclist

Wear bright, solid colors. Avoid the norm and try to not wear black or white. Clothes that are fluorescent during the day and reflective at night are best. Do not wear clothing that is too big. Make sure your clothes keep you warm.

And, just in case, wear clothes that will minimize injury. For instance, leather is good for minimizing abrasions.

5. Wear Your Helmet

Most motorcycle fatalities are cause by head injuries. Always where your helmet.

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This article was adapted from the U.K. article "Motorcycle Accidents - Prevention and Safety" by Alexandra Gubbins.

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